Dog Grooming

dog grooming cumming ga

Full Groom Service

  • Breed Standard clip or Pet style of our choice
  • Bath with Premium shampoo line
  • Conditioner if needed, leave in spray or rinse out depending
  • Nail Trim (Filing nails available upon request)
  • Ear Pluck and Cleaning
  • Fluff Dry and Brush Out
  • Finish Scissoring and Clipping
  • Bows or Bandanna and Cologne
  • Pricing varies according to breed, size, coat condition, and style.

Mini or Partial Groom

  • Bath with premium shampoo
  • Fluff Dry and Brush Out
  • Nail Trim (Filing nails available upon request)
  • Ear Pluck and Cleaning
  • Trimming of sanitary and around eyes if needed
  • Bandanna and Cologne

*Teeth Brushing is available upon request (additional fee)

*Anal Gland expression available upon request (additional fee)

* If you want your dog’s anal glands be expressed, you must request this service at check in with a groomer. Not all dogs should have this done, some need it more often than others, and some have had a procedure to have the glands removed.  If the glands are impacted or infected we will notify you so that a vet appointment can be made.

Show Groom

Even though you may not actively show your dog, you can still keep him in a show or full coat just because he is so beautiful. Our groomers are capable of maintaining and grooming your dog to be dog show read. We will help you keep your dog’s coat beautiful and shiny with special brushes, the best dog shampoos, conditioner, and more.