Dog Training

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Are you pleased with your dog’s manners? Would you like him to listen to you ALL the time? Are you having some issues with his behavior?

Paw Perfect Pet Salon offers custom training for your dog at the facility or in your own home!

Our certified trainer Brian will come to your home by appointment and help you with behavior problems.  These can include bolting out of open doors, jumping, barking at company entering, leash pulling, nipping, table surfing, housebreaking, crate training, separation anxiety, squabbles between dogs in the household, resource guarding, dog reactivity on leash, and much more.  He does NOT use static collars in his positive training method.  There is no expensive “package” required (although affordable training packages are offered), pricing is competitive and single sessions are available.  He teaches both you and your dog, so you can work on solutions to problems together after he leaves.  Follow up sessions are suggested, but not required.  Pricing varies according to the duration of the session and how many dogs are involved.  Brian has a strong background in dog socialization from working with rescue dogs and acclimating them into new home environments with other family dogs.  He also has helped many people owning dogs who have dog aggression issues, and those who are fearful of people and certain situations.  Every dog is a good dog, and providing love and leadership both makes a happy and balanced dog.  Training is key to a great relationship with your canine companion.