Pet Health

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At Paw Perfect we believe it’s very important to educate each dog owner about their dog’s coat maintenance in-between grooms and even more importantly, his health.

Any physical abnormalities noticed during the grooming process will be discussed when the groom is completed.

The most common problems we find are tumors, cysts, ear and eye infections, impacted anal glands, tape worms, allergies, gum infections, ear mites, ticks, and a variety of skin conditions including hot spots, Seborrhea/skin infection, and many more.


By Definition: (noun) A thickly growing or thick and tangled mass, as of hair or weeds.

When a dog has not been bathed and brushed in a long time, dead hair becomes matted. When a dog gets badly matted, the skin underneath cannot breathe, hot spots form and become painful and infected. If your dog is matted, you must FIRST demat & brush his coat, then give him a bath and brush again.

You may attempt to rub a pet conditioner into the matted fur you don’t want shaved in the bath tub. Pull apart the hair with your fingers and comb out while wet with conditioner. This will not work for all matting. If your dog is severely matted, then bring him to us to shave down for a fresh start. Dematting a dog is not a pleasant experience for him or his groomer, and will incur additional fees.

Clear Eyes


Most people don’t realize how the skin gets raw and infected underneath the dried “eye boogies”. In cases like this we first soak the dried goop with warm water in the bath before gently removing it with our fingers. Often the skin has a yeast infection underneath. The owners had no idea this sweet boy had a skin infection. His next trip was to his vet for some antibiotics.

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